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Map of the Oasis

VIP is a rank you can earn in Graal Classic. VIP gives you a wide variety of colors for your body, a trip to the Oasis island, and items you can earn monthly. VIP does not last forever. To get VIP you need to pay 7,500 gralats, monthly (30 days). 


The Oasis is a vacation island that consists of a hat shop, pet shop, beach furniture shop, and a hotel gift shop. The Oasis usually has lady bugs and butterflies (rare butterflies are common in the Oasis) spawning in there, which makes it an ideal place to catch bugs. The Oasis offers a NPC named Joshua. You can sell seashell loot to Joshua and earn gralats. To get to the Oasis, you need to go to the boat that is located at the left of Belle Garden Shop. 


When you get VIP you unlock a variety of colors to change your body colors. It also comes with a color map that you can choose from if you can not find the color you want. If your VIP rank is revoked for not paying 7,500 after a month has passed and you have VIP colors on, the colors automatically change to the color black.

VIP ItemsEdit

VIP Items are items you earn every new month. If you choose to have VIP for only a month, it is possible to earn 2 VIP Items if you pay in the middle of the month. VIP Items consist of Horses and Morphs of different themes.