Gralats are the currency of the game. They represent the amount of cash you have. They are a type of weird shaped gems that come in different colors depending on their value. They are used to buy almost everything in the game, (customization stuff, items, arrows, bombs, furniture, houses...) making them one of the main things that represent the game. 

Gralats are obtainable from several activities, such as firing or cutting grass and bushes, killing baddies, or even finding chests. They can also be bought from Gralat Packs in the Shop.

Gralats are commonly abreviated as Gs, Grals, Gems, Grs, and more.


Gralats come in different colors depending of their value, though the shape stays the same.

Here is a list of all the colors and their value:

Green: 1-4 Gs

Blue: 5-29 Gs

Red: 30-99 Gs

Gold: 100-499 Gs

Purple: 500-999 Gs

Black: 1,000-2,499 Gs

Gray/Cyan: 2,500-9,999 Gs

Rainbow: 10,000+ Gs

Note: The rainbow gralat is the most recent discovered value, we are not sure yet of a higher rank or future gralat. 


  • There is a rumor about an existing white gralat with an unknown value, it hasn't been proved yet.
  • Rainbow gralats used to be a myth. One person had a photo of it, claiming he farmed it in 2010, but it ended being a photoshopped picture and a lie.
  • Only green and blue gralats spawn from public farms with one fire-blow, no more.
  • A strange bug can happen where gralats will appear as perfect triangular shaped gems that are used in some graal servers from PC and chests. People say that it could probably mean a future update for the gralats look, but nobody is sure at the moment.
  • Using a gralat as a custom head is illegal, the reason is that you can't use in-game graphics for the avatar.
  • Even though gralats are the main currency of Graal; many servers use different kind of money, for example: Graal Era has Event Coins for special weapons. Graal Delteria has Gold coins and Valkarian coins to represent their currency, etc. On the other hand, in a player's profile it will still say gralats and their perspective amount aswell.